Panasonic NE1853 Microwave


The easy to clean touch panel of this powerful 1800w Panasonic NE1853 microwave, allows access to 30 programs with 15 power levels and 5 stage heating.

Panasonic’s NE1853 microwave oven uses dual emission top and bottom energy feed, which ensures consistent temperature increase of the food, so even delicate foods can be heated for longer at a higher power setting, which ultimately saves you time. Optimal combining of power and superior distribution of microwaves ensures more efficient defrosting of frozen goods and superior regeneration.

Designed for stacking, to save space in compact kitchens, the NE1853 is compact on the outside, however the 18 litre cavity is designed to accommodate a half Gastronorm container and the stainless steel body and cavity, with its easily removed roof panel, is designed for speedy cleaning.

This site is part of the Ripples Network and from our base in North Norfolk, we’ve been supplying commercial microwaves for over 27 years, and on line since 1998.

3 years on-site parts and labour warranty included.

FREE delivery on UK mainland.

£599 + vat

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